A Conversation on Loneliness/Isolation Among Seniors

Friday, May 10, 2 pm

at the Ocean Room at 520 Carpenter Lane.

Numerous studies have shown that 30-40% of seniors experience loneliness – and as seniors become frailer, social isolation often increases.  What can we as a volunteer organization do to reduce loneliness and isolation among members as we age?  What programs, approaches, creative solutions can contribute to a secure, satisfying network of relationships over time?

NVN members are invited to bring their thoughts, experiences, and ideas on this question to an informal brainstorming gathering sponsored by the Member Services Committee.

   Suzy Zipin and Judy Morgan will facilitate. 


RSVPs appreciated – contact Judy Morgan, judymorgan711@yahoo.com, 267-385-5049.

Directions:  Enter the lobby at 520 Carpenter and take the elevator to basement, “B”.  There will be signs directing you to the Ocean room where we were all meet together.  It’s in the ‘Nexus’ meeting space.