NVN Members!

Want to go shopping, to the doctor, to visit a friend,

to see a show - but need help getting there?

Welcome to the NVN Rides


Free car service within a 12 mile radius of Germantown Avenue and Cresheim Valley Drive. No charge and no tipping.*

·All volunteer drivers are vetted, insured and licensed. They use their own vehicles.

· Wheelchair users please check for available accommodation.

  • Please give two day's advance notice to Coordinator.

  • Please try to use email when requesting a ride. If this is not possible you may telephone the Coordinator

  • Please bring your fully charged cell phone with you and the phone number(s) of volunteers giving you rides. These will be provided by the Coordinator


NVN Rides Coordinator: Penelope Myers, 215-380-8653nvnrides@gmail.com or HERE


Volunteer to drive.

                                * For longer trips such as the Philadelphia Airport, try Ralston My Way.