• A necessary voice for seniors in the community.

  • The dog died, my children moved away. How to meet new friends? NVN! It has brought new friends whose faces I have seen in the neighborhood but never  knew. Thank you, NVN!

  • A companionable way to ease into “older age.”

  • I enjoy the community and multiple programs available.  I’ve met a number of folks I now call friends.  Membership is reasonable.

  • We like the warmth and inclusiveness of NVN.  There is a sense of community within this group.

  • I joined NVN when I was close to my retirement.  Being in the presence of so many vital, active, worldly, mentally sharp and youthful people has totally shifted my perspective on my own aging process.

  • Your best bet if you haven’t located the Fountain of Youth!

  • I’ve met so many new people!

  • New friends and new experiences – NVN has been a great plus in my life.

  • NVN has provided an extended family of new friends who are becoming close friends through the many activities we have shared.  I am a single woman, and I relish the chance to share pre-planned activities with other seniors.  I’m a small business owner…and I have to get away from the constant flow of strangers, to the ease of sharing with friends.  Membership in the smaller “neighborly group” is a great way to get to know folks in much more depth and be a social and emotional resource for each other.  Membership in NVN is a great investment, cheap when you consider how much you gain.

  • NVN members became a dog-walking team and chief cheerleaders when I had hip surgery.

  • NVN is teaching me to accept help – a hard kind of learning for a former New Englander.

  • I’ve learned a lot of practical information related to aging – in a friendly and lively context with fellow seniors for whom growing older isn’t a dreary road.  

Shout Out

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