NVN Zoom Presentation
Inequality: Causes, Consequences and Choices
Monday, September 21, 2020,
3:00 - 4:00 PM


A conversation with
Dr. Leonard Nakamura
NVN member and Emeritus Economist

Our modern economy, paired with government policies, generates financial and educational inequality. The rise of inequality is fueled by the rapid pace of innovation. Innovation creates huge gains in income and wealth for a small minority of households, and there are major tax incentives for innovators. Innovation also makes what we know obsolete at a rapid pace, a particular burden on those who lack a college education. These forces are tearing democracies apart. We will also discuss amelioration.

NVN member Leonard Nakamura is an Emeritus Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, but this talk does not reflect the views of the FRB Philadelphia or the Federal Reserve System. He holds a PhD in economics from Princeton and has studied and published articles on innovation for three decades.


To receive a Zoom invitation and join the session, contact Myra Leysorek by Sunday, Sept. 20: 215 844 0266 or mnleysorek@msn.com.