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Mon. Aug 7, 3:30-5pm,  Monday Tea at High Point Cafe

*Thurs. Aug. 10, 10:30am.  Out and About with the Arts  Michener Art Museum

Fri. Aug. 11, 9:15am. Cup A Joe. at Tata

Fri. Aug 11, 2:30-3:30pm Needlecrafts change of venue

at Jane Schofer 215-248-3762

Mon. Aug 14, 3:30-5pm,  Monday Tea at High Point Cafe

Fri. Aug 18, 9:15am. Cup A Joe. at Tata

Looking Ahead


*Mon. Aug 21, Film Discussion and Pot Luck





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* For NVN members.  Non-members are welcome to attend 3 times as guests.





Our Values:

To treat each other with respect

To share responsibility for making our network welcoming and caring

To encourage diversity in all aspects of our organization

To raise concerns in a positive way without blame or criticism

To support each other in meeting the challenges and joys of aging

To seek to be helpful to others throughout NW Phila.



Small groups provide the backbone of NVN life. When NVN members and engaged supporters identify a particular community need or interest, they may propose the development of an ongoing group to the NVN Board for approval. 


Guidelines for Ongoing NVN Groups 

We encourage NVN members to pursue new activities and areas of interest with other NVN members.

When informal, ad hoc groups or gatherings become “ongoing,” we want to make sure they are

integrated with other groups and activities under NVN’s umbrella, so we ask that they:


• Choose a coordinator who will provide a description of the ongoing group's purpose to the Program

Committee Chair.


• Once the Program Committee has approved the ongoing group, the coordinator will then facilitate the

group’s ongoing activities, coordinate calendar dates and topics with the Program Committee

to avoid overlap, and submit a list of attendees after each event to the Marketing/PR member

who compiles such data.


• Identify a person who will submit dates/times/location to the Marketing/PR committee for the

NVN calendar as well as any requests for a flier, a write-up on the website, and/or an e-mail

“blast” to the NVN mailing list.


Ongoing groups may have a co-coordinator or committee member who shares these

responsibilities and/or acts in the primary person’s absence.


Note: We ask that ongoing groups follow these three steps in order to take advantage of NVN

publications and communications, including the bulletin board.




     1. Sharing Information: NVN provides information to its members and interested 

         supporters primarily through e-mail and the NVN website.  However, if a household does not           have access to e-mail or the Internet, we will send information by mail.


     2. Use of mailing and e-mail lists: Contact information, including e-mail addresses, is                           considered personal and private, for the sole use of NVN. Only designated officers of the                 Board are authorized to utilize the general NVN mail and e-mail lists; therefore, anyone                   wishing to distribute information to the general list must contact the President or Vice-                     President. [See Directory for contact information] Interest group coordinators may maintain             separate lists and distribute information to their particular group. 


    3. Public Statements: NVN’s President is the official spokesperson for the organization. Any                member, volunteer, or NVN participant must have the prior approval of the NVN Board in                order to represent the organization to the public or to other organizations in a formal way,                particularly to the media. All written communications related to NVN are subject to approval

        of the President or Board before being released.  Routine requests for information                            concerning NVN can be handled through Board-approved informational brochures and fliers            prepared for that purpose. 


 Conflict of Interest: According to the by-laws, Section 6.012,


        “Whenever a member of the Board of Governors or officer has a financial or personal interest           in any matter coming before the Board of Governors, the affected person shall (a) fully                     disclose the nature of the interest and (b) withdraw from discussion, lobbying, and voting on             the matter. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved           only when a majority of disinterested directors determine that it is in the best interest of the             corporation to do so.”  These same restrictions apply to interest group coordinators.