Northwest Village Network’s History


Fall 2012: A small group of neighbors began discussing formation of a “village” – which they named Mutual Mt Airy [MMA] - to support Mt. Airy residents who wish to age in place.


Winter 2012-Spring 2013: Public meetings and surveys offered Mt. Airy seniors a forum for identifying their needs and concerns while additional gatherings introduced existing services and resources for seniors.  In response, a working group began developing an organization responsive to seniors’ input.  Social events, interest groups, and programs began to involve a widening circle of participants. 


Fall 2013: MMA gained membership in the Mt. Airy Community Services Corporation (MACSC), thus becoming eligible for benefits such as 501c3 nonprofit status. MMA also joined the Village-to-Village Network, a grass-roots organization which connects similar groups across the country. 


December 2014: With more participation from seniors in nearby neighborhoods, the Board and the membership voted to change our name from Mutual Mt. Airy to the more inclusive Northwest Village Network (NVN). 


CURRENTLY: NVN continues to evolve in response to the interests of our members and our volunteer pool.  We are working with other community organizations while also developing the services and social connections we can provide directly to our membership. Visit Activities and Resources for more information.


Volunteers are our lifeblood. We are dependent on the time, energy, and expertise of our members and interested supporters in order to accomplish our goals. Visit Membership and Help NVN to see how you can help accomplish our vision.