Torday Talk: Why we often feel younger than our age

Monday, June 22, 3-4 pm

Dial into Zoom for a presentation by NVN’s John Torday. An evolutionary biologist, John spent 50 years as a medical researcher. Read his “Torday Talk” description below.

To join the session, contact Faye Ross in advance, 215 247-8059,



Billy Joel, Keeping the Faith

“I took a fresh pack of Luckies

And a mint called Sen-Sen

My old man's Trojans

And his Old Spice after shave

Oh, combed my hair in a pompadour

Like the rest of the Romeos wore

A permanent wave, Yeah

We were keeping the faith”

The Geriatrician Louise Aronson (Elderhood) counsels us to embrace what we have and not mourn the loss of what we had. Like the song lyrics (above), when we were teens we felt older than our age, which pushed us to do adult things. In that vein, I would like to talk about the flip side of that, feeling younger than our age in later life. Turns out both of these life experiences are due to complementary hormonal changes. In fact, the younger we feel in late life the healthier we are, so it’s a good bio-feedback in a stage of life that is poorly understood biologically. I share this with you in the hope of better understanding what we are going through at a more ‘granular’ level.